Tips for Your Testimony to the Texas Senate Committee on Business & Commerce

  • To ensure an accurate and complete record, you should submit written testimony.
    • Written testimony can be as long as you like and can include pictures or illustrations.
    • Please provide the Committee office with fifteen copies in advance of the hearing. These will be distributed to the Committee members, and a copy kept for the public. Anything you submit is considered public information and cannot be returned.
    • Please provide an electronic copy, especially if you use color.
    • This Committee typically does not allow video or presentations that require a projector. Please print out any exhibits and submit them as you would written testimony.
  • Arrive early at the hearing.
    • Seating is limited.
    • Please set your cell phone to silent mode.
    • Fill out a witness affirmation card first thing and give it to the clerk.
  • Witnesses are called in the order determined by the Chair. The order of witnesses is subject to change.
    • When your name is called, have a seat at the witness table.
    • Do not read your testimony off a printed page. Instead, relax, look at the Committee and tell the members a brief summary that states your main points.
    • If someone else has said what you want to say, do not repeat it. Just let the Committee know you agree or support that position. The record will reflect your position, and others will be able to testify in a timely manner.
    • The Committee may ask questions during or at the end of your testimony.
  • Sometimes, a hearing may need to be recessed and reconvene at a later time. An announcement will be made if that happens.

Parking, accessibility, and other information about visiting the Capitol Complex can be found here: Please feel free to contact the committee staff if you have questions. Good luck, and best wishes for success.

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